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Unique Attractions


Bottle (Glass) house Reddit Hwy 658 North of Kenora
Completed in 1973 this structure built entirely of glass bottles and mortar was originally constructed to house Myrtle Deverell’s doll collection. The collection has since expanded!

Devil’s Gap Rock Devil’s Gap
Aboriginals believe certain rocks inhabit spirits. Devil’s Gap Rock, however, is not such a rock. It was painted in 1894 by two brothers as a prank and has since been repainted several times by area residents.  Despite the fact it is not a ‘Spirit Rock’ this particular rock at Devil’s Gap continues to be a popular tourist attraction.

Husky the Muskie, McLeod Park
This is a well known landmark and can even be seen in the movie One Week staring Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek). Husky the Muskie gained his name and slogan (“Husky the Muskie says ‘Prevent water Pollution'”) through a contest. After nearly 35 years Kenora’s giant fish received extensive renovations in 1995. Husky the Muskie is the informal mascot of the city of Kenora.

Loonie Bear, Kenora Harbourfront
Weighing 5 tons, located on the Harbourfront, this bear serves as protector of the city, in addition to being the hardest working charitable personality in the area. Loonie Bear is outfitted with a donation box and graciously accepts donations in support of local children’s charities.

Kenora Rotary Goodwill Geyser, Safety Bay: Kenora Harbourfront
This geyser erupts on the hour and the water eruption can reach heights of up to 200 feet (75 meters).  The Kenora Rotary Goodwill Geyser erupts daily every hour on the hour between 8am and 11pm for 15 minutes, and also continuously between noon and 1pm.  We admit it is rather peculiar and can’t explain why this happens. All the same, it is quite spectacular to witness.

Tug Boat at McLeod Park
Conveniently located at McLeod Park across the street from Husky the Muskie, this attraction gives visitors an opportunity to see what a real tug boat looks like!

Other Notable Attractions

Tomahawk Lighthouse 807-488-5719
Morson is the site of Tomahawk Lighthouse built in the 1900s as a beacon to lake traffic. This lighthouse operated until 1962.

Pioneer Museum 807-482-3991
Emo is home to the Pioneer Museum displays pioneer artifacts that tell the history of the area. Pioneer Museum is owned and operated by the Rainy River District Women’s Institute.

Beaver Creek Ranch
901 Anderson Branch Road
A four season family destination only minutes from down town, offering wagon rides, horse boarding, pumpkins, family fall activity, Easter activity, birthday parties, and more.  Day care and school groups are welcome!