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Art Organizations


Kenora has an active community with many civic groups and cultural arts organizations. Local residents, acting as volunteers, operate the vast majority of these arts groups and organizations, donating both time and resources in the promotion and preservations of Kenora’s cultural arts. As well as, working to educate and entertain residents and visitors about community groups. These various groups represent many different types of artisans and crafting talents and serve as proof that Kenora does in fact have an active arts and performing arts community.

Take a walk along the downtown core of the City of Kenora and witness the Public Arts Project known as Heritage Townscape Murals or the Kenora Arts Project art exhibit Muskies on Main.  You will find examples of unique artistry created by locals.  Depending on when you visit, you may also find crafters, performing arts events and attractions scattered about the City of Kenora.

Kenora Arts Organizations

  • Lake of the Woods Arts Collective (LOWAC)
    Often referred to as LOWAC, this group formed by artists and patrons of the arts seek to ‘inspire unity, joy and opportunity through the arts in Kenora and the surrounding area’.
    LOWAC produces a monthly newsletter, Synergy.
  • Community Arts Hub
    Provides access to inclusive, accessible, arts-related activities that are open to the public. We strive to compliment local arts activity by providing space and hosting activities in music, visual arts, writing and gardening.
    Phone: 807-407-5660
  • Try Light Theatre Group
    Those who share a love of acting, drama, produce and perform plays twice a year
    Contact: Gordon Day Janz, First Baptist Church
    Phone: 807-468-8224
  • Kenora District Festival of the Arts
    As a group, Kenora District Festival of the Arts promotes development of performing talent in music, dance and speech arts for the advancement of the performer and cultural development of the community.
    Contact: Len Marks
    Phone: 807-467-2533
  • Harbourfront Concert Series
    Provides professional concerts and entertainment to the public.
    Contact: Steven Wolfe
    Phone: 807-464-1635
  • Lake of the Woods Concert Group
    Provides professional concerts and entertainment to the public.
    Contact: Len Marks
    Phone: 807-467-2533
  • Sunday Smiles Family Entertainment Series
    Non profit group dedicated to bringing quality children’s entertainment to Kenora.
    Contact: Gaylyn Holmstrom, Lakewood School
    Phone: 807-548-1496
  • Kenora Scottish Dance Group
    New Horizons Seniors Centre
    Contact: Alex Coates
    Phone: 807-468-9132
  • Kenora Scottish Pipes and Drums
    Scottish music and cultural heritage by way of traditional Scottish pipes and drums.
    Keewatin Legion upper hall
    Contact: Theresa Burns
    Phone: 807-468-5542
  • Sunset Country Handbell Ringers
    New Horizons Seniors Centre
    Contact: Arlene Nelson Litt
    Phone: 807-468-7936