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Racing & Regattas


LOWISA – Lake of the Woods International Sailing Association

LOWISA 50  – August 1 – 8, 2015 The greatest freshwater sailing race on Earth resumes August 1, 2015 and celebrates its 50th Anniversary!

The LOWISA 50 Committee have decided this year to keep the race relatively close on the north end of the lake with the midweek layover day at Ash Rapids camp. One of the reasons for keeping the race to the north is the expectation that the catamarans and scows will make a return, and we’re really looking forward to that. An invitation has gone out to the Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Clubʼs scow fleet to join us so there’s potential for a really great scow fleet. To make things logistically easy we may trophy the first 3 days separately for scows and perhaps “old guys” who don’t feel they want to do the whole week.

And of course it wouldn’t be LOWISA without all those other extra curricular activities. The Lake of the Woods Brewery will be hosting us on pre race Saturday for the Sailor’s Social / Skippers Meeting. They will also be producing a beer in our own special anniversary can. These will be keepers although you’re highly advised to drink the beer before putting it way for prosperity! Additionally they will be hosting the LOW Brewery Party on the Lake with a number of kegs of Sultana Gold, Thursday night at the wilderness anchorage.

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Online registration is now open!

NWIRA Rowing Regatta

The North West International Rowing Association is a regional association of Canadian and American rowing clubs of the Upper Mid-Western United States and Western Canada.

The Winnipeg Rowing Club, the Minnesota Boat Club and the Saint Paul Lurline Rowing Club as the Minnesota and Winnipeg Rowing Association founded the Association in 1885.

The Association was dormant from 1897 to 1905 during the Boer and American-Spanish Wars. The Association was revived in 1905 as the “West-Canada Rowing Association” and the annual regatta held in 1906 at Minnetonka. In 1909 the North West International Rowing Association name was adopted.

The 109th Annual NWIRA Championships Regatta were held on Rabbit Lake on August 17-18, 2012. The Kenora Rowing Club was host to the Championship regatta.