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  • #stayhome 
  • We are all on the same team now. 
Go Team KENORA! 
#stayhome #bluntthecurve #washyourhands
  • The only thing more contagious than a virus is HOPE

Thanks to Councillor McMillan  for sharing this quote. 😊
  • The “Keep Kenora Clean” clear bags are now available at the Transfer Station for those interested and able to clean up roadside litter.  The bags can be found on the north side of the summer kiosk.  There is no charge for the bags.

The clear bags are for roadside litter and debris clean up ONLY.  They CANNOT be used for household or personal garbage. 
The bags are “City Branded” so our staff can recognize them at a glance, as well as verify the contents.  City crews will collect the clear bags from the roadside and no bag tag is required.  You may also call the Transfer Station to alert them that you have left the bags in a particular area.

We thank all the volunteers who take time to keep Kenora clean each year.  We recognize that this year could be much different, with many in self-isolation, and there may not be the same number of volunteers picking up litter. 👉Please only go to the Transfer Station to pick up the clear bags if you are going out for other essential items. ✌️Remember to keep 2 metres physical distance from others when picking garbage and at the Transfer Station.

#cityofkenora #keepkenorabeautiful #keepkenoraclean
  • We remain in this together.
Stay well Kenora.
  • Do what is right. 
Not what is easy. 
  • Kenora’s youth. It’s ok to feel scared or sad during this difficult time. 
If you need support the @kidshelpphone is here for you. 
Text 686868
Call 1-800-668-6868
  • Keep reminding each other what is important now.
WE can do this!
#stayhome #washyourhands #physicaldistancing
  • We cannot force someone to hear a message they are not ready to receive, but we must never underestimate the power of planting a seed. – anonymous. 
Let's plant seeds about what we need to do to keep our community safe.

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